Together we critically examine the wind power industry

The dark sides of the wind power industry

The praise for wind power has been many and great over the years. From having had its first wind turbine in the early 1980s, Sweden now has more than 4,400 and plans to double or even quadruple that number.

But more and more people are questioning how environmentally or economically sustainable the wind power industry really is. Those who live near it are doing everything they can to avoid it. Municipalities that have invested in wind power often suffer huge losses. Alarms about negative environmental impacts are heard more and more often. In addition, shady deals, fiddling, shell companies and the exploitation of Swedish taxpayers have become more and more prevalent.

Has the wind energy industry really been scrutinised? Many don’t think so, which is why we have started a fundraising campaign to finance a documentary about the wind energy industry and the environmental and economic impacts that are rarely talked about.


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